Two Cent Turkeys

November 19, 2023 College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football Pittsburgh Sports

The holidays bring on many traditions.

You know, things like eating stuffing until you nearly explode.

Still finding room for a piece of pumpkin pie.

Taking an afternoon nap after stuffing your face.

Watching a lousy…

College Hoops Preview 2023-24

November 4, 2023 College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Men's Basketball

The college basketball season tips off today.

Wait, what?

It is too early to start college basketball season. But start it will.

Nobody ever asks me.

Anyway, the race for March starts for 306 Division I teams. That used…

College Football Midterm Progress Report

October 15, 2023 Penn State Football College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football

Just as it is hard to believe Halloween is right around the corner, it is equally unfathomable that college football is firmly in the second half of its season.

Reflecting on my predictions from the beginning of the season, I am not sure…

Don't be fooled by the standings

October 8, 2023 College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football Pittsburgh Sports

Something happened on my way to writing another scathing, derogatory column on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

They found a way to beat Baltimore Sunday.

I am still not sure how they did it. I feel like I was hallucinating for part of Sunday…

Autumn means Weekends in the La-Z-Boy

September 24, 2023 College College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football Pittsburgh Sports

The calendar finally says fall.

I prefer autumn.

Cool word.

Who doesn’t like saying things like autumnal colors or autumnal weather.

What about autumnal football.

Okay, maybe that's a bit much. But as the leaves…

Psst, the big, bad bully doesn’t seem big or bad this year

September 17, 2023 College College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football Pittsburgh Sports

Psst. Psst. Hey, have you heard?

Come closer.

*Whispering very quietly*…It seems like the SEC might not be very good this year.

No, no, no. Stop cheering. Keep it down. We don’t want to jinx it.

LSU lost to…

Message sent

September 10, 2023 College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football

College football is officially in full swing.

I know this because Gus Johnson is losing his voice, Lee Corso is wearing mascot heads, and Nick Saban has another Heisman hopeful quarterback.

What’s that?

Oh, Texas was wearing…