Talking College Football History: Dave Hoffmann

February 20, 2024 College Podcasts Football

We journey back to the early 1990s with our guest this week.  Dave Hoffmann was a linebacker for Washington and appeared in 3 consecutive Rose Bowls in the early 1990s.  Dave grew up in the San Jose, CA area and ventured to Seattle to…

Talking College Football History: Greg Gagne

February 13, 2024 College Podcasts Football

This week we mix football with professional wrestling.  Greg Gagne joins us to talk about his football career at Minnesota, then Wyoming.  Greg is from the legendary Verne Gagne family (Verne being his father), but Greg states that…

Talking College Football History: Mark Duda

February 6, 2024 College Podcasts Football

We head to College Park, MD this week and go back to the late 1970s/early 1980s.  Our guest is Mark Duda and he was a defensive lineman in Maryland's "Wide Tackle 6" defense which Coach Jerry Claiborne brought to Maryland.  Mark…

A pretty, pretty, pretty good Super Bowl LVIII we hope

February 4, 2024 College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football

I’m not sure what has me more upset, having the Super Bowl in the middle of February or this being the last season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Both things have me a bit apoplectic.

However, it got me thinking. What a fun way to…

Talking College Football History: Dave Parkin

January 30, 2024 College Podcasts Football

We go back in the time machine this week to Logan, Utah in the mid to late 1970s with our guest Dave Parkin.  Dave played in the defensive secondary for the Aggies from 1974-1978 (redshirting in 1976).  Utah State was an Independent…

Talking College Football History: Kermit Johnson

January 23, 2024 College Podcasts Football

We go back in time to the early 1970s in Los Angeles, CA.  Our guest this week played for the UCLA Bruins (1971-1973) and is one of the best running backs in their history.  Kermit Johnson joins us this week to talk about his career…

Talking College Football History: Pete Koch

January 16, 2024 College Podcasts Football

We look back this week to the "Heyday" of Maryland football.  I consider this period from the start of the Jerry Claiborne era (1972-1981) through the Bobby Ross era (1982-1986) as the "Heyday" of Maryland football history.  Our guest is Pete…

Best to ever do it

January 14, 2024 College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football Pittsburgh Sports

Nick Saban decided to hang it up last week.

That means it is time to debate whether he was the best college football coach ever.

I don’t think it is much of a debate.

Saban simply has ridiculously impressive numbers. Check out…

Talking College Football History: Dan Spivey

January 9, 2024 College Podcasts Football

Not all of our segments on this podcast are the "glory days" of college football.  Our guest this week is "Dangerous" Dan Spivey.  You should remember Dan Spivey as a professional wrestler if you followed it in the mid-1980s through…