Talking College Football History: Gregg Bingham

September 19, 2023 College Podcasts Football

You should remember this week's guest as a Houston Oilers linebacker. But did you know that he played on the defensive line in college at Purdue? His name is Gregg Bingham and he is one of the toughest players that we have had on this…

Psst, the big, bad bully doesn’t seem big or bad this year

September 17, 2023 College College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football Pittsburgh Sports

Psst. Psst. Hey, have you heard?

Come closer.

*Whispering very quietly*…It seems like the SEC might not be very good this year.

No, no, no. Stop cheering. Keep it down. We don’t want to jinx it.

LSU lost to…

Talking College Football History: Steve Strachan

September 12, 2023 College Podcasts Football

We are celebrating the Heyday of Boston College football this week.  This time period constitutes the Doug Flutie era (1981-1984) and we have one of his running backs this week as our guest.  Steve Strachan joins us to talk about that…

Message sent

September 10, 2023 College Sports Column Tim's Two Cents Football

College football is officially in full swing.

I know this because Gus Johnson is losing his voice, Lee Corso is wearing mascot heads, and Nick Saban has another Heisman hopeful quarterback.

What’s that?

Oh, Texas was wearing…

Talking College Football History: Michael Reid

September 5, 2023 College Podcasts Football

We take the time machine back to the mid-1980s to Madison, Wisconsin this week with our guest Michael Reid.  Mike went to high school in southern Georgia and found his way to Madison which is a story in and of itself.  He played at…

Here We Go 2023

September 3, 2023 Column Tim's Two Cents Football

Here we go again.

The NFL season kicks off this Thursday night. On paper the NFC has a ton of duds, and the AFC is loaded.

The AFC has Kansas City, the defending champs with their otherworldly quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Cincinnati…

Talking College Football History: Don Nehlen

August 29, 2023 College Podcasts Football

Penn State and West Virginia renew its rivalry this Saturday, September 2.  They have not played since 1992 and when you think of the Penn State/West Virginia rivalry in the 1980s into the early 1990s you think of two coaches on the sidelines, Joe…

Talking College Football History: Bob McKay

August 22, 2023 College Podcasts Football

We look back at the great 1969 college football season this week with our guest, Bob McKay of the University of Texas.  Bob was at Texas from 1967-1969.  He was one of the recruits who was in the midst of 3 consecutive 4-loss seasons…