Sports Authors Showcase: Comeback by Ken Berry

November 20, 2023 Podcasts Baseball

Our guest this week is former MLB outfielder Ken Berry. He wrote the book Comeback in 2020 and is here to talk about the book. "The opportunity of a lifetime presents itself to a 63-year-old former baseball…

Sports Authors Showcase: Called Out But Safe: A Baseball Umpire's Journey by Al Clark

November 7, 2023 Podcasts Baseball

Our guest this week is former American League umpire Al Clark. Al umpired in the American League/Major League from 1976-2001. He co-authored the book Called Out But Safe: A Baseball Umpire's Journey with Dan Schlossberg. Al…

Sports Authors Showcase: Forty Minutes to Baton Rouge by A. Zach Williams

October 23, 2023 College Podcasts Football

The subject of this week's podcast is intriguing. How many of you remember the name Bo Rein? There was a 30 for 30 episode on Bo entitled The Bo Nobody Knows. This Bo was a college football coach at N.C. State, then took over the LSU job for…

Sports Authors Showcase: Raye of Light by Tom Shanahan

October 9, 2023 Podcasts Football

Our guest this week is Tom Shanahan who wrote the book Raye of Light: Jimmy Raye, Duffy Daugherty, the Integration of College Football and the 1965-66 Michigan State Spartans. Michigan State had 23 African-American players on…

Sports Authors Showcase: Ara's Knights: Ara Parseghian and the Golden Era of Notre Dame Football by Frank Pomarico

September 25, 2023 College Podcasts Football

We are privileged to have Frank Pomarico this week who wrote a book with Ray Serafin titled Ara's Knights: Ara Parseghian and the Golden Era of Notre Dame Football. Frank was one of the captains of that great 1973 Notre Dame…

Sports Authors Showcase: Bring In the Right-Hander! by Jerry Reuss

August 28, 2023 Podcasts Baseball

We are privileged to have Jerry Reuss as our guest this week to discuss his book Bring In the Right-Hander!: My Twenty-Two Years in the Major Leagues. You will hear Jerry recount several stories of his…

Sports Authors Showcase: Jake O’Donnell

May 30, 2023 Podcasts Basketball - NBA

We have a different take on Sports Authors Showcase this week.  There hasn't been a biography written about our guest, Jake O'Donnell, but there should be.  Jake was a longtime NBA official from 1967-1995, but most people don't know…

Sports Authors Showcase: The Baseball Era of Fred Frankhouse by Wayne Taylor

April 18, 2023 Podcasts Baseball

The subject of today's podcast is the book The Baseball Era of Fred Frankhouse: Roundhouse Curveballer, The Duke of Port Royal by Wayne Taylor. Rex interviews Wayne and discusses baseball in the time period…

Back When There Was Baseball: Zack Minasian

April 12, 2023 Podcasts Baseball

Zack Minasian joins us this week to talk about his book Lasorda University:  A Recollection of My Summer of '68 with Tommy Lasorda and the Ogden Dodgers in our combined Sports Authors Showcase and Back When There Was Baseball…

Sports Authors Showcase: America's Football Factory by Wayne Stewart

January 17, 2023 Podcasts Football

Jed Donahue and Rex Naylor discuss the incredible legacy and history of western Pennsylvania quarterbacks with Wayne Stewart, author of America's Football Factory.