By Rex Naylor / September 19, 2023 / College, Podcasts, Football
Talking College Football History: Gregg Bingham

You should remember this week's guest as a Houston Oilers linebacker. But did you know that he played on the defensive line in college at Purdue? His name is Gregg Bingham and he is one of the toughest players that we have had on this podcast. When I say tough, consider that this man started every game he played in the NFL. He played from 1973-1984 on the Houston Astrodome turf (notoriously bad) and started every game he played, 173 of them in fact. Listen as Gregg talks about his journey to Purdue after being considered for an appointment to West Point and recruited by the Ivy League schools. He played with one of the best recruiting classes in college football history at Purdue and shares his experiences with teammates such as Gary Danielson, Otis Armstrong, Darryl Stingly and Dave Butz. Enjoy this look back at a legend in college football history.

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