Back When There Was Baseball: Jack Brohamer
Back When There Was Baseball

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We are discussing utility infielders on today’s podcast. When you think of utility infielders in the 1970s era, Jack Brohamer comes to mind. Utility infielders are a special breed. They do not play every day. They are asked to pinch hit, pinch run and also enter a game in the latter innings for defensive purposes. These players come into a game cold and are asked to perform at the highest of levels. Jack played in the Majors from 1972-1980 with the Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox. He factored into the Red Sox 1978 season where they tied for first place in the AL East with the NY Yankees. He was also the only player to hit a home run in shorts. Listen as Jack describes what it was like being a utility infielder Back When There Was Baseball.