By Rex Naylor / February 19, 2024 / Penn State, Football, Podcasts
Talking Penn State Football History: Gary Brown

This week we pay tribute to Gary Brown, Penn State RB/DB, who passed away on April 10, 2022.  Gary was one of Penn State's most versatile players as he started out as a tailback for his freshman and sophomore years, switched to defensive back his junior year, then back to tailback his senior year.  Gary excelled at each position, and he may be most noted for his theft of Ty Detmer in the 1989 Holiday Bowl which culminated in a TD and secured a Penn State win.  However he was an outstanding running back, which he proved in his stint in the NFL (1991-1999).  Joining us are teammates Leroy Thompson, Roger Duffy and Shelly Hammonds who talk about what Gary meant to them as a teammate and friend.

Gary Brown