Growing up, for me, Thanksgiving has always been about three things: family, turkey and football. Traveling to my grandmother’s house, eating dinner, playing a family pick-up game of football in the yard followed by a day of watching football had always been one of my favorite days of the year in my teenage years. So,…

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William Whisler is a columnist for PennSports.LIVE, as well as a 2018 graduate of Shippensburg University. Whisler served for three years as the sports editor of Shippensburg University’s student-run newspaper, The Slate, where he specialized as the beat writer for SU football and the SU men’s basketball team. Whisler has written for multiple publications including the Lewistown Sentinel, the Shippensburg News-Chronicle and The Gettysburg Times. Whisler is currently pursuing a master’s degree in communication studies at Shippensburg.