Two Guys Talking Episode 175: To Handshake or Not to Handshake Edition

February 23, 2022 

Handshakes and Howard…Tim Clark and Jed Donahue discuss whether Juwan Howard received enough punishment for the ugly incident last weekend. 

Penguins hockey along with more NHL talk. Both our Guys agree NBA All Star Weekend wasn’t great. Plus…

Two Guys Talking Episode 174: Grandfather’s Heart Meds Edition

February 16, 2022 

Tim Clark and Jed Donahue open with a little Super Bowl conversation.

Then their lead off topic is the legend that is Sidney Crosby as he reaches the 500 goal plateau. And doing it against the rival Flyers is that much sweeter. Then the Guys…

Two Guys Talking Episode 173: February Madness edition

February 9, 2022 

Tim and Jed take a deep dive on college basketball as March Madness gets closer. They do contender vs pretender and look at who could be Final Four capable teams.

The NHL season gets going after the all star break and the Penguins have a…

Two Guys Talking Episode 172: I Tonya Edition

February 2, 2022 

Tim Clark and Jed Donahue lead off with a discussion on the sham that is the Winter Olympics in China. 

The NHL has reached the all star break. Who are the teams to beat? Where do the Pens fit in to the pecking order? Will the Flyers ever…

Two Guys Talking: Episode 171: Baffling baseball hall edition

January 26, 2022 

Tim Clark and Jed Donahue discuss the problems with the Baseball Hall of Fame and the voting process that is flawed. Plus not much headway has been made in the MLB contract negotiations and the Guys have thoughts on that.

Ben Simmons is still…

Two Guys Talking Episode 170: College Hoops Heat Up Edition

January 19, 2022 

Tim Clark and Jed Donahue take a closer look at the NHL season, particularly the promise the Penguins are showing and the despair Flyers fans are staring at.

Is it possible the Philadelphia 76ers don’t trade Ben Simmons before the trade…

Two Guys Talking Episode 169: You’re Fired edition

January 12, 2022 

Tim Clark and Jed Donahue lead off by discussing the recent NFL coaching openings and who could fill them. They also discuss the end of Kevin Colbert’s career as Steelers GM.

The NHL is moving towards the halfway point, and the Guys take a…

Two Guys Talking Episode 168: To be in the Hall or Not to be in the Hall edition

January 5, 2022 

Tim Clark and Jed Donahue have a fun discussion on players they think should be voted in to the baseball Hall of Fame.

Speaking of fun, our Guys also discuss the craziness of the Antonio Brown saga from last Sunday. 

Tim and Jed check…

Two Guys Talking Episode 167: Auld Lang Syne Edition

December 29, 2021 

Tim Clark and Jed Donahue fondly reminisce about the life of NFL legend John Madden. Both guys have great memories of watching Madden coach and announce. The Guys then talk about other sports personalities we lost in 2021.

After a quick…

Two Guys Talking Episode 166: Merry Christmas edition

December 22, 2021 

Tim Clark and Jed Donahue get in the holiday spirit with airing of grievances from throughout the sports world and discussing what teams like the Steelers, Eagles, Pirates, Phillies, Penguins, Flyers, and plenty more would wish to appear under their…