By Rex Naylor / April 12, 2023 / Podcasts, Baseball
Back When There Was Baseball: Zack Minasian

Zack Minasian joins us this week to talk about his book Lasorda University:  A Recollection of My Summer of '68 with Tommy Lasorda and the Ogden Dodgers in our combined Sports Authors Showcase and Back When There Was Baseball podcasts. Zack shares some great stories about that 1968 Ogden Dodgers team (Pioneer League) which had some great players: Bill Buckner, Bobby Valentine, Steve Garvey, Tom Paciorek and Sandy Vance to name a few. Tommy Lasorda was the manager and led this group of young ball players to a championship which was a prequel for things to come for both the players and manager. Zack was a successful clubhouse manager with the Texas Rangers and he shares what it was like as a 16-year-old boy to run a clubhouse in 1968 in Ogden, Utah.