Never had a shot

Open window. Watch 1.7 million dollars go out window. Easy come. Easy go. That was PGA star Jon Rahm’s weekend.  I’m sure you know the story. Rahm tested positive for COVID-19 and was forced to withdraw from The Memorial golf tournament. The really bad part is that Rahm was lapping the field, on his way (more…)

The whistles are on ice plus Phil thrills

The NHL playoffs are one of the greatest—if not the greatest—spectacles in sports. NHL officiating in the playoffs is also a spectacle. Great, however, would not be an accurate adjective for this spectacle.  Fans are aware. Players are aware. Coaches are aware. Apparently the only people who are not aware are those sitting in the (more…)

Plus size portal w/ a side of Matsuyama

Baylor won the National Championship last Monday night by thumping previously unbeaten Gonzaga.  Gonzaga had two transfers—Andrew Cook and Andrew Nembhard—in their main rotation.  Baylor had four transfers—Mario Teague, Dayvian Mitchell, Adam Flagler, and Jonathan Tchatchoua—in their main rotation. Welcome to college basketball 2021. The transfer portal is overflowing, and college basketball coaches must discover (more…)