Steelers Get Sick of Squashing Grapes

Unless you are new to my column you know it posts on Monday morning. I usually spend the weekend observing the sports world trying to figure out the topic for my main column. Going in to the weekend I already made up my mind I was going to write about the unprecedented collapse and soon (more…)

Year of the Chanticleer

2020 is the year of COVID-19 protocols in college football. 2020 is the year of fan restrictions in college football. 2020 is the year of cancellations and postponements in college football. 2020 is the year Alabama reasserted itself atop the power rankings in college football. 2020 has sucked for all of the above reasons, plus (more…)

Let’s hope one undefeated team loses

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only NFL team still undefeated. Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Cincinnati, BYU, Coastal Carolina, Marshall, and USC are all still undefeated in college football. Unfortunately there is one more team that is undefeated, and this team is the most menacing of all: COVID-19. Let’s hope a month or so from (more…)

Two Cent Turkeys and Giving Thanks

🦃2020🦃 2020 sure has been a turkey of a year so far, and I don’t hold out much hope that the remaining month will get much better. Sports have been messed up all year long. Postponed. Canceled. No fans. Limited fans. Limited practice. Quarantined. Yea, 2020 has been a grizzled, undercooked turkey. Not to worry, (more…)

Who else is getting fired this year?

Donald Trump used to famously tell people, “You’re fired!” This past week Trump, himself, got fired. Well, sort of. It got me thinking about college football. Specifically, whether any Power Five coaches would hear those words this year. I know this season is weird, what with the pandemic throwing everything into tumult. It is hard (more…)

A sports weekend that was one glorious mess

If you are a sports fanatic like me you were starving for sports to come back. Hockey, basketball, baseball, and golf were a nice appetizer when they all returned. What we were really hungry for was the main course: Football. More and more college football teams are returning to action. Within two weeks every Power (more…)

Browns are still jealous of the Steelers, Steelers, Steelers

Last year there were people—mainly Baker Mayfield—squawking about the Cleveland Browns being Super Bowl contenders. No, really. It’s true. They almost reached .500, finishing 7-8-1. After getting trounced by the Baltimore Ravens in this year’s opening game, the Browns rattled off four wins against subpar teams. The talk started again. “Browns are tough.“ “Browns are (more…)