Thoughts From the Beach

This past week was vacation. The one week of the year where my son and I leave “the sticks” and head to the Jersey Shore(more on that later). Though my mind was filled with sun, sand, and soothing waves crashing the shore, I still stayed plugged in to the sports scene. The main column part (more…)

Short season shouldn’t raise your expectations for the Pittsburgh Pirates

The crack of baseball bats can be heard once again. Baseballs are flying through the air in ballparks throughout America. Hitters are honing their swings. Pitchers are improving their spin rates. Managers are figuring out the best strategy for a 60 game season. In less than two weeks, barring yet another COVID-19 disaster, the 60 (more…)

We want our sports back, but is it feasible?

I want sports to come back more than anyone. My columns may not always reflect that sentiment, but it really is the truth. It would be good for the psyche and good for the soul. It would be good for my walls which I’m climbing. However… “Having asthma and being a bigger guy, but I (more…)