Cancellation Policy

a) New yearly subscriptions are offered a prorated refund within the first thirty days. Please use the contact button on your Member Portal to reach someone in our Customer Support Office.

b) As a courtesy, for yearly subscriptions we send a renewal reminder e-mail about 30 days before the scheduled renewal date.

c) You can cancel your subscription at any time. Refunds are offered only as stated above.

d) If you upgrade your subscription from a monthly plan to yearly plan, the monthly rate is not prorated.

e) After you cancel your subscription plan you will no longer be able to access your account or the membership exclusive information on the site.

f) A billing failure is treated the same as a subscription cancellation. You will be notified by email of any billing failures.

g) The first payment of monthly subscriptions are billed at the time of your purchase, and on the same calendar day on each month following.

h) The yearly subscriptions is paid in full at the time of signing up for your subscription. You will receive an email to renew your subscription 30 days before the date you first subscribed.