A messy money grab

Or as a colleague of mine likes to say, “You’re a hot mess.” College football, I’m talking to you. At this point we have some games being played, some games being cancelled, some games being scheduled one week in advance then cancelled, two power five conferences not playing, but now they are, a coach with (more…)

A Two Cent 2020 NFL Preview

Are you ready for some football? Damn straight, we are. There may not be a lot of fans involved, but beggars can’t be choosers. And those of us who are sports fanatics have been doing a lot of begging the last handful of months. The NFL kicks off this week. How few or no fans (more…)

A goofy season reaffirms my love of baseball

I love baseball. I already knew that, but this crazy mixed up period we are going through has reinforced that notion. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the other sports, too. I isolate myself to watch USC football. I commiserate with friends via text during every Pittsburgh Steelers football game. Penguins hockey and Louisville (more…)

Time to start patching the holes in this Pirates ship

Grandmotherly types like to use the phrase, “bless your heart.” Sometimes the phrase is used in reference to a child trying to do something really difficult. With no copyright infringement intended to any grandmother, allow me to say, “Ben Cherington, bless your heart.” The trade deadline is fast approaching in this truncated baseball season, and (more…)

Thoughts From the Beach

This past week was vacation. The one week of the year where my son and I leave “the sticks” and head to the Jersey Shore(more on that later). Though my mind was filled with sun, sand, and soothing waves crashing the shore, I still stayed plugged in to the sports scene. The main column part (more…)