Take me out to the ballgame…PLEASE!

Last Thursday marked what would have been opening day for Major League Baseball 2020. Obviously, baseball season is on hold just like every other thing in our lives right now. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, baseball was my first love and it fills those warm summer days with the smell of (more…)

No Sports? No problem…yeah, right

As a card carrying sports fanatic, I found myself in a cold sweat all day Thursday. My phone kept beeping with updates. The NBA was already gone. By noon Thursday, the SEC, Big Ten, Atlantic 10, American Athletic, WAC, and Conference USA had cancelled their conference tournaments. Okay, so no cheering against Kentucky, or seeing (more…)

February 29 be damned, March Madness has arrived

They threw an extra day in February, so a little extra patience was required this year. Finally, my calendar reads March. You know what that means, don’t you? Madness. Well, this season it means more madness. Are you ready? Such a kidder, Bruce. We know you are ready, just like every college basketball fan. Bubbles, (more…)

Messing with a good thing isn’t always worth the extra $$$

Money, money, money. When will professional sports leagues realize money isn’t everything, especially when you already have a ton of it. Those Who Get It The NBA had a wonderful All Star weekend. They showed the other leagues how to run All Star festivities. The game became an actual game in the fourth quarter, but (more…)

The XFL will tap out just like all the others

Renegades, Roughnecks, Guardians, Vipers, Dragons, oh my. The team names are really all you need to know about the resurrected XFL. They are silly, as is the notion that this league of castoffs will take off. The one thing this league has going for it is Vince McMahon’s deep pockets. He has enough money to (more…)

Super(?) Bowl

February 2 should be reserved for Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most beloved groundhog. February 14 is reserved for everyone’s favorite archer, Cupid. Yesterday, poor Phil was shoved out of the spotlight by the Super Bowl. If Roger Goodell and his sidekicks have their way and add another regular season game and off week, Cupid will (more…)

Two Cent College Hoops Roundup

In last week’s column I told you how much fun this crazy rollercoaster season of college basketball is. I also said it would be extremely difficult for the selection committee this year. We are just about at the two thirds marker for this season, so I thought I would give you my two cents on (more…)