Thank You 1971 Pirates

50 years ago the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series.  I turned four years old just three days before the Pirates won game 7 and Steve Blass leaped into Bob Robertson’s arms, so I don’t recall anything about the 1971 team that I didn’t see in highlights. Still, I owe this team a debt of (more…)

Baseball still stuck in neutral

You’ve heard the old joke about putting a bandaid on a gaping wound. Apparently baseball has not. The same group that juiced baseballs, then deadened baseballs is the same group that decided to attempt enforcing a pitch clock and forcing relief pitchers to face a minimum of three batters to speed up the pace of (more…)

Father’s Day Special: Behind the Mask

Just a Kid Back in the “good ol’ days” there seemed to be local sports legends oozing out of every small town nook and cranny in America. Mexico, PA, was no exception. John Clark—Johnnie to friends and family—grew up in this rural hamlet back in the 1930’s and 1940’s. By the late 1940’s, Clark was (more…)

Never had a shot

Open window. Watch 1.7 million dollars go out window. Easy come. Easy go. That was PGA star Jon Rahm’s weekend.  I’m sure you know the story. Rahm tested positive for COVID-19 and was forced to withdraw from The Memorial golf tournament. The really bad part is that Rahm was lapping the field, on his way (more…)