It’s March Madness in January

If you are one of the people complaining about the talent level in college basketball being down and making it hard to watch, I’ve got two simple directions. Don’t watch. Go away. 2020 is the year of parity. Will it continue in to future years? That remains to be seen. We will have to see (more…)

Tennessee Titans as seen through Black and Gold Glasses

The Tennessee Titans are Steelers fans new second favorite team. Last week the Titans were matched up with the hated New England Patriots. Steelers fans(and most outside the Boston city limits) were wondering if maybe, possibly, would it be too much to ask, could the Titans finally drive a stake through those dreaded Patriots. Titans (more…)

Steel Curtain Revival Needs a Big Ben Revival

The next man up for the Pittsburgh Steelers at quarterback wasn’t nearly varsity enough. The play of the running backs and wide receivers often times wasn’t above the line. And despite what many metrics indicate, my eyes told me that the play of the offensive line didn’t meet the standard. In totality, the Steelers offense (more…)

A Tail of Two Tigers

The Tigers are going to win the college football national championship, and they will take the trophy back to Death Valley. Will it be the Death Valley in Clemson, South Carolina or the Death Valley in Baton Rouge, Louisiana? LSU, my preseason pick to win it all by the way, didn’t break a sweat in (more…)

Two Cent Grievances

While many are getting ready for Christmas and others are in the midst of Hanukkah festivities, somewhere Frank Costanza is putting up the Festivus pole. One of the ways to celebrate Festivus is the airing of grievances. In honor of my favorite all time television show, Seinfeld, I give to you my second annual airing (more…)

Winners Win

Some people are winners. They just are. Favorite. Underdog. Overcoming odds. Getting through bad times. Doesn’t matter. Tiger Woods is a winner. This past weekend Tiger wore two hats. He was a President’s Cup player, and he was also President’s Cup captain. Both versions of Tiger were winners. The President’s Cup is no Ryder Cup, (more…)

College Basketball Will be Wide Open

College football is winding to a close. Championship weekend and bowl games are all that is left. That means college sports fans will turn their sporting eye toward the hardwood. One month into the season and signs are it will be a wild ride. We’ve already seen: Evansville beat Kentucky in Lexington. Stephen F Austin (more…)

Two Cent Turkeys That Didn’t Fly

Les Nessman once watched turkeys get thrown out of a helicopter on the ‘70’s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. Back at the office, it comes out that it was a publicity stunt to which station owner Arthur Carlson said, “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” In honor of the greatest Thanksgiving episode (more…)